viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Midnight glimpse...

I never knew what you were talking about. Those words you tried to spell just came out like disturbing noises; words full of emptiness and sounds without any sense.
You mumbled something, I know for sure, but my head was dizzy enough to confuse reality with fantasy.
How much did my head imagine? My ears were malfunctioning and I could bearly move by my own.
At that moment I realized, you were not even in that room, it was all fake. The words, the noises, even the smell of your hands with a scent of tobacco mixed with lotion. Could my brain invented all that? Was it only in my mind? I'm not sure, because right now, I cannot be sure about a thing...
The only fact that I can tell is we both lost in this game.. And I must be sorry because I will break my promise, but I've had enough. You took me for granted, but believe me when I say.. when you come back, I won't be here any longer. And I will leave in peace to some place better, because I'm done with u... the same way you were done with me..