miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010


I was lying on my bed, trying to forget about the entire world. It was almost midnight and my head was all fuzzy and I was dizzy. I wanted to kiss you, but I was scared. I'm doomed to the emptiness of your presence. I was then vanished from your body, and it still hurts.
I was trying so hard, but it turned impossible to erase your scent, your image and voice from myself.
My mind was all so twisted into you, into your being, even into your body. I must confess that I almost did it, but my skin remembers. It only needs one tiny particle from you to feel your caress on my chin, your finger on my chest trying to posses all of me...
I cannot let your memory disappear, and even if I want to, there's something that I cannot explain which makes me recall the time when you loved me.
I'm scared of you, because no matter what I do, you still got me, and you will have me forever, ain't matter that you don't care.
I believe it's faith... or true love...
I'm not sure.
I may only assure you, you're still in my dreams, and you’ll be always my love.