sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

Deep down

I know for sure we are not meant to be...
It was neither the right moment, nor the perfect place.
We were not old friends, we were not relatives, we were just two strangers that crossed each other's path.
I knew you before I met you. We met in my dreams and neither of us were perfect. Perfection came along with us together.
But you had made your choice just before I saw you. I didn't know why or when but I felt deep down inside my heart you were just a thought, so I had to see you again, once and for all I needed to prove my heart you were not the one.
I was wrong...
Since then I just cry every now and then. I wonder every night if I'll ever tell you how I feel.
Now I'm certain you are the one, but we are not meant to be, and so I say.. It's a shame we didn't meet before. I know I was too little, too late.